eoDocs Guide

This guide presents the features available on eoDocs and the common sections that can be found in articles.

Home Page Features

eoDocs Account

Create an eoDocs account and login to gain access to exclusive content based on your supplier affiliation. This includes entire articles devoted to supplier-specific topics as well as additional functionality for generally available features.

Simply click the Login link in the header, then Create Account below the login button.

Header Menus

The header menus allow you to quickly access key information from anywhere in eoDocs.

  • Home – Return to the eoDocs home page.
  • Platform – Quickly browse articles based on the eoStar platform.
  • Functional Areas – Quickly browse articles based on the major divisions of the distribution business.
  • Support – Open the Customer Support Portal or Customer Dashboard.
  • Profile – When logged-in, access your eoDocs account profile page.
  • Log In/Out – Access the sign-in page or log-out of eoDocs.
Search Box

Use the Search eoDocs… box to quickly find articles about eoStar features.

Type in a search term and hit Enter to view all results.

To search for a specific phrase or multi-word term, put quotation marks (“) around it:

  • Searching for Vendor ID will return all articles with both the words Vendor and ID in them.
  • Searching for “Vendor ID” will only return articles where the phrase Vendor ID is found.
Category Navigation

In addition to searching eoDocs for specific terms, it is possible to browse articles by the Platform or Functional Area.

The Platform section allows users to browse articles based on the eoStar platform.

  • Customer Center (CRM) – A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) desktop app that offers a single point of contact for interaction with customers.
  • eoMarket – An eCommerce site that offers customers an Amazon-like ordering experience.
  • eoMobile – A Windows Mobile-based application for pre-sell, off-truck, delivery, and warehouse management.
  • eoStar – A fully integrated route management solution for the DSD market.
  • eoTablet – Windows tablet-based pre-sell application.
  • eoTouch – An iOS-based application for pre-sell, off-truck, delivery, merchandising, equipment servicing, and warehouse management.
  • eoWarehouse – A Windows 8-based Warehouse Management application, offering users the ability to dynamically manage warehouse transactions and inventory from their Windows tablet.
  • Vocollect – A 3rd-party platform that integrates with eoStar for voice-picking.

The Functional Area section allows users to browse articles based on the major divisions of the distribution business.

  • eoBasics – Basic features found throughout the eoStar software suite.
  • Administration – Includes front office tasks such as record setup, accounts receivable, and daily route settlement.
  • Finance – Includes accounting topics such as accounts payable, taxes, and commissions.
  • IT – Includes articles about the technical aspects of setting up and managing eoStar installations.
  • Operations – Includes warehouse tasks such as palletization, picking, and inventory management.
  • Sales Support –  Includes sales and delivery tasks such as mobile device operation, objectives, and surveys.
Quick Links

Links to noteworthy pages are provided here for easy access.

Recent Updates

The 10 most recently updated articles will be listed here. Check back frequently to stay current on the latest changes and additions to eoStar!

Click the See More button to view the 20 most recently updated articles for each of the main Functional Areas:

  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Sales Support

Common Article Sections

Landing Page Articles

Many larger features will have a landing page article that contains the required setup information about the feature and serves as the feature’s hub. They will provide overviews of the different tasks for the feature, with full instructions for small tasks and links to stand-alone articles for larger tasks.


The introduction gives an overview of the feature or task the article is about. It includes the topic’s general purpose, as well as any key information you should know before reading the rest of the article.

Feature Information

The Feature Information section suggests some department(s) and role(s) who might benefit from reading the article, as well as listing both the eoStar platform it is available on and any plugins required.

  • Functional Area – The section of the distribution business this feature applies to.
  • Roles Impacted – Sample role(s) of users who could benefit from the information in this article.
  • Platform – The eoStar platform(s) this feature is available on.
  • Plugins – The eoStar plugin(s) required to access this feature.
Setup and Permissions

The Setup section contains instructions for performing any initial configuration required for the feature to function properly and the permissions required to access the feature’s screens or perform the feature’s tasks.

If there is no configuration required, just access permissions, the section name will be changed to Permissions.

How to Perform <Task Name>

This section contains the primary content of the article, usually step-by-step instructions for performing the main task the article is about. Instructions for any secondary task(s) will be provided in an Additional Tasks section where each task will be detailed in separate expanders.


Articles about a record type (such as Customer or Product Records) will contain a Panels section that provides an overview of the purpose, if any plugins are required, and detailed instructions on how to use each panel on that record.

Training Webinars

Some features have had a training webinar offered where a support tech walks through the setup and operation of the feature. These webinars are recorded and posted on the Training Webinar Videos page for users to review at later dates.

Each training webinar is posted with the date it was recorded so users will know how up-to-date the content presented is. Any companion material to the webinar, such as a PowerPoint, is also provided with the webinar video.

Article Tags

Each article is tagged at the end with the Functional Area and any other features it is related to. Clicking on a tag will open a search results page listing all articles using that tag.

Related Articles

A list of up to six related articles is included after each article. Click one to open it.