Cash Room

The Cash Room screen is used to record the completed monetary transactions from the vending machines. Here, the user will add the amount in currency and coin found in the bag.


  • March 2012:
    • The Cash Room view grid can now be printed in excel or sent to a printer.
    • Added the ability to specify a driver/route when recording cash

How-To Record Cash Bags

  1. Go to Vending>Cash Room.
  2. Click the command button Record Cash.
  3. Type in the Bag number, the currency and coin.
  4. Click the command button Record.
  5. When finished adding bags, click the command button Done.
  6. Click the command button Post Now.


Cash Room Operations for Multiple Warehouses

Some users may need the ability to reconcile Cash Room bags for multiple warehouses. These users must have the Vending -> Employee processes own cash checkbox unchecked within the VendingPlugin Permission settings.

Updated on November 9, 2018

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