eoTouch Warehouse – Count Inventory

Counts for inventory in the user’s assigned warehouse can be recorded in eoTouch Warehouse. A full sync containing a count will automatically close the open inventory batch in eoStar and populate the count panel with the synced quantities.

Feature Information

  • Functional Area: Operations
  • Roles Impacted: Warehouse Staff
  • Platform: eoTouch Warehouse
  • Plugins: eoStar Core


Permissions Panel

This permission controls if a user can access the Receive Transfers tile in eoWarehouse. For more information see: Permissions Panel

Records > Employees > Records > Permissions panel:

  • Count Inventory

How to Record Counts in eoTouch Warehouse

  1. Tap Count Inventory.
  2. Tap the Warehouse Area to record counts for.
  3. Tap Last Count to see details of the last product counted in this area.
  4. Tap the + to select the product to count.
  5. Use the Search box to find specific products.
  6. Use the filter along the bottom to view products in different categories.
  7. Tap a product to select it.
    • Indicated by a check mark.
  8. Tap < Back to enter counts for the selected products.
  9. Tap the information icon to view the details of the last time the product was counted.
  10. Tap a product to record counts for it.
  11. Tap Select a Stock Location.
  12. Tap the location to record counts for.
    • Tap Manual Entry to type in the location ID.
    • Tap Unspecified if the product is not in an actual location.
  13. Enter the quantity of Units, Cases, and Pallets of the product in the selected location.
    • The actual packs available to count will depend on the Pack Name entered for the primary pack and any alt-packs.
  14. Tap Date Code to enter a date code for the counted product. (Added with the Date Code plugin)
    • Only available if the product is flagged as Date Code tracking required on it’s Date Code Panel.
  15. Enter the Month, Day, and Year of the date code.
  16. Tap OK to record the date code.
  17. Tap Add Another Count to record another count for the same product in another location and/or with another date code.
  18. Repeat this process for any other products and/or warehouse areas.
  19. Tap Void to delete any counts made for this warehouse area during the current session.
    • Once counts have been uploaded, they can no longer be voided.
Updated on April 12, 2019

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