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Purchases can be received in eoWarehouse, allowing users to verify quantities, record date codes, enter dunnage, and build pallets right from the tablet. The pallets can be put away as part of the receiving process or staged for later put away.

In the event a purchase is delivered, but was not entered in eoStar ahead of time, a new purchase can be created as part of the receiving process.

Feature Information

  • Functional Area: Operations
  • Roles Impacted: Warehouse Staff
  • Platform: eoWarehouse
  • Plugins: WMS Plugin, WMS Ops Plugin


Permissions Panel

This permission controls if a user can access the Receive Purchases tile in eoWarehouse. For more information see: Permissions Panel

Records > Employees > Records > Permissions panel:

  • Purchase Tracker > To Be Received

How to Receive Purchases in eoWarehouse

eoWarehouse can be used to receive purchases that are in the Waiting to be Received queue of the Purchase Tracker. It can also receive product(s) to a new purchase if, for example, the purchase was accidentally not entered in eoStar.

  • If the purchase being received has an ASN in eoStar, the pallets will be pre-populated for the user to confirm.
Receive a Purchase in the Tracker
  1. Tap Receive Purchases.
  2. All purchases in the Waiting to be Received queue of the Purchase Tracker are listed.
  3. Use the Search bar to find a specific purchase.
    • Search for either the PO#, eoStar Purchase #, Supplier Name, or Product #.
  4. Tap the purchase to receive.
  5. Enter the Truck Temp.
    • This window will automatically pop-up if the supplier requires temperature audits.
    • The truck temperature can always be recorded, but only pops-up if it’s required.
  6. Tap the first product to receive.
  7. Select the pack size to receive.
    • A pallet alt-pack will be automatically selected if the quantity on the purchase is an exact multiple of the amount of cases in the alt-pack.
  8. Tap the calendar icon to enter the date code.
    1. If the product is flagged to require date codes, a yellow warning will appear.
    2. Make sure to enter the date code in the correct format.
      • If the date code is entered in the wrong format, the format indicator will flash.
    3. The days until expiration are displayed above the keyboard.
      • This will display a warning in yellow if the date code is expired, exceeds the product’s shelf life, or is within the shelf life threshold alert.
  9. Enter the actual quantity received.
  10. Tap the quantity box to receive the product.
    1. If received as a pallet alt-pack, it will immediately be made into pallet(s).
    2. If received as loose cases or units, it will be added to a new pallet.
      • Additional loose products will be added to the same pallet.
      • Once the pallet is full, tap Make Pallet.
      • Receiving another product as loose cases or units will begin another new pallet.
    3. Swipe the quantity box to the left to receive the product without adding it to a pallet.
      • The box will now say Off Pallet.
        • Tap it to receive the product.
      • This option is not available with pallet alt-packs.
  11. Repeat steps 6-10 until all products on the purchase have been received.
  12. If a mistake is made, tap Undo in the app bar to reset all unsaved pallets.
  13. Tap Save in the app bar to generate pallet IDs for all unsaved pallets.
  14. Tap Note to record any observations about the purchase.
  15. Tap Dunnage to record the types of pallets used.
  16. Search for the pallet(s) used.
  17. Enter the quantity for each type of pallet.
  18. Tap Finish to finalize the receipt of the purchase.
Receive a Purchase with an ASN

Receiving a purchase with an ASN follows the same process as receiving a purchase in the tracker; except the pack size, date codes, pallets, and dunnage are already defined by the ASN. The receiver simply needs to verify the physical product matches the pallets in the ASN:

  1. Verify the pre-defined pallets match the physical product.
  2. Tap each pallet to select it.
    • Indicated by a check mark.
  3. Tap Confirm in the app bar to create the pallets in eoStar.
Create and Receive a New Purchase
  1. Tap Receive Purchases.
  2. Tap New Purchase.
  3. Select the Supplier.
  4. Enter the PO#. (optional)
  5. Add a Note about the purchase.
  6. Search for a Product on the purchase.
  7. Select the pack size to receive it as.
  8. Enter the quantity received.
  9. Tap Set to apply the quantity.
  10. Repeat steps 6-9 for any additional product on the purchase.
  11. Tap Submit to create the purchase.
  12. Receive the purchase according to the normal process.
    • See the section above for instructions.

Direct Put Away

Direct Put Away allows users to receive a product, put it away in the warehouse, and continue receiving the purchase. This can be helpful to streamline the receiving process instead of receiving all pallets, then putting them all away.

Enable Direct Put Away

Direct put away can be enabled/disabled at any time while receiving a purchase:

  • Tap Direct Put Away in the app bar.
Using Direct Put Away

When direct put away is enabled, saving pallet(s) will immediately take the user to the put away screen. Once the pallets have been dropped off in a location, eoWarehouse will immediately return to the purchase being received.

Pallets that have been put away are marked with a green check mark:

Tap the filter icon to sort by all pallets, pallets that have been put away, and pallets waiting to be put away:

Updated on April 16, 2019

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