Export Advance Ship Notices (ASN / 856) (ASN / 856, 857)

This screen is used to export Advance Ship Notices (ASN / 856, 857) to trading partners  with Send Advance Ship Notices (ASN 856) checked on the EDI settings panel. This type of document is used to communicate exactly which products will be on each pallet of an order.

All orders that are ready to have ASNs exported will automatically populate in this screen, but only marked orders will be exported.

  • Dunnage and empties with zero price and deposit are excluded from ASNs.

The Export Advance Ship Notices (ASN / 856) format is supported in AB, Coke, UFF, and X12 formats. The 857 format is supported in Coke and UFF formats. 

ASN exports can also be performed as scheduled tasks.


Plugins Panel

Records > Employee > Records > Plugins Panel

  • EDI >  Export Advance Ship Notices (ASN)

Export Advance Ship Notices

How to Export Advance Ship Notices
  1. Go to EDI > Export Advance Ship Notices (ASN / 856) (ASN / 856, 857).

While there are different screens for each of these options, they all function identically. For the sake of brevity, this process will only be explained, and pictured, once.

  1. Use the search box to find specific information in the table.

  1. Click Find.
  2. The first + / – section can be expanded to show the detailed information on trading partners in a warehouse (if there are multiple warehouses).
  3. The second + / – section can be expanded to show the detailed information for a trading partner. All orders for retailers under that trading partner will be listed in this section.
  4. The Order # is listed in the first column.
  5. The Customer is listed in the second column.
  6. The Has Pallet Data column indicates if the order has pallet data with a yes / no.
  7. The Already Exported column indicates if the order was already exported with a yes / no.
  8. Check Ready to Export to select an order as ready to export.
  9. The Validation Errors column will only show data for orders that have validation errors.
  10. The Sales History Date column will show the date on which the order was placed.
  11. Click Check All to select all orders as Ready to Export.
  12. Click Uncheck All to unselect all orders that were selected as Ready to Export.
  13. Click Expand All to expand all of the + / – sections.
  14. Click Collapse All to collapse all of the + / – sections.
  15. Click the Printer Icon to open a print preview of the export.
  16. Click the Excel Icon to open an Excel file.
  17. Click Preview ASN Export File for Selected Trading Partner .. to preview the export file.
  18. Click Export ASN File for Selected Trading Partner to export the file.

Export Advance Ship Notices Video

Updated on April 9, 2019

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