Export Invoices to Be Paid (810)

This screen is used to export 810 Invoices to trading partners. Check Do Not Send 810 Credit Invoices on the EDI settings panel to prevent 810 invoices from being sent to that trading partner.

The Export Invoices to Be Paid (810) format is supported in AB, Coke, UFF, and X12 formats.

EDI 810 exports can also be performed as scheduled tasks.


Plugins Panel

Records > Employee > Records > Plugins Panel

  • EDI >  Export Invoices to be Paid
  • EDI > Target Invoice Export 

About Exporting Unpaid Invoices and Re-Exporting Invoices

About Exporting Unpaid Invoices
  • All unpaid invoices that have not yet been exported are candidates.
  • Only invoices for trading partners that use the selected EDI format can be exported.
  • Dunnage and empties with zero price and deposit are excluded from EDI 810s.
  • Specific invoices or all unpaid invoices can be exported.
  • Invoices with problems will not be exported. For example, if a PO Number is required but missing, the invoice is considered to have a problem and will not be exported.
  • Raw data can be reviewed prior to export.
About Re-Exporting Invoices
  • All prior exports are available for re-export.
  • Specific invoices or the entire batch of invoices can be re-exported.

Export Invoices to Be Paid

How to Export Invoices to Be Paid
  1. Go to EDI > Export Invoices to Be Paid (810).

While there are different screens for each of these options, they all function identically. For the sake of brevity, this process will only be explained, and pictured, once.

  1. Click Load Invoices to Be Paid.

  1. The Customer # is listed in the first column.

  1. The Customer is listed in the second column.
  2. The Amount column indicates the amount of money the customer owes.
  3. The Order # column lists the order number.
    •  Click the link to view the order’s details.
  4. The PO # column lists the purchase order number.
  5. The Delivered column lists the date on which the order was delivered.
  6. The Status column lists the send status of the order. Orders that have been sent already will be listed as Sent while orders that still need to be sent will be listed as Must Send or Must Re-Send.
  7. The Format column lists the format orders were sent in.
  8. Click the Printer Icon to open a print preview of the export.
  9. Click the Excel Icon to open an Excel file.
  10. Click an order to select it.

  1. Click Override Order # if necessary.

The Override Order # feature is particularly useful in the case where an order number needs to be replaced.

For example, an order might be closed by accident, or a change may need to be corrected if a new order was created and a payment request is being sent with the original order number.

  1. Enter the new order number.

  1. Click Okay.
  2. Check Show Order Details to show detailed information about the selected order, including the customer’s address, the time the order was delivered as recorded on the handheld, and the product delivered.

  1. Click View Raw Export Data for Selected Orders to view the raw export data for the selected orders. Click the hyperlink again to return to the normal view in this screen.
  2. Click an order to select it.
    • Use CTRL + Click to select multiple orders.
    • Use SHIFT + Click to select a range of orders.
    • Use CTRL + A to select all orders.
  3. Click Export Selected Invoices to only export the invoices you have selected.
  4. Click Export All Invoices to export all of the invoices in the table.

Export Invoices to Be Paid Video

Re-Export Invoices

How to Re-Export Invoices
  1. Click Show History / Re-Export.

  1. Select the date in the calendar.
    • Dates an export was performed are highlighted in blue.
    • Once the date has been selected, the orders from that date will load.

  1. Click the order you want to re-export to select it.
    • Use CTRL + Click to select multiple orders.
    • Use SHIFT + Click to select a range of orders.
    • Use CTRL + A to select all orders.
  2. Click Resubmit (Sent, but Unpaid) Selected Orders.
  3. Click Export Selected Invoices.

Re-Export Invoices Video

Updated on April 9, 2019

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