Export Post-Delivery Shipment Notices (214) (X12)

This screen is used to send EDI delivery confirmation documents (214).

Feature Information

  • Functional Area: Administration
  • Roles Impacted: Front Office Team
  • Platform: eoStar Backend
  • Plugins: EDI Plugin


Trading Partner - EDI Settings

Customers who require delivery confirmations must be assigned a trading partner flagged to Send post-delivery shipment notice (214).

For more information, please see the EDI Settings section of the Trading Partner article.

Trading Partner - X12 Map

The trading partner must also have an X12 map assigned for 214 documents and a folder defined to Place the sent files in (outbound dropbox).

For more information, please see the X12 Settings section of the Trading Partner article.


This setting controls is a user can access the Export Post-Delivery Shipment Notices (214) (X12) screen. For more information, see: Plugins Panel

Records > Employee  > Records > Plugins Panel:

  • EDI > Target invoice Export

How to Export Post-Delivery Shipment Notices

  1. Go to EDI > Export Post-Delivery Shipment Notices (214) (X12).
  2. Set the Cutoff Date.
  3. All orders delivered on or after the cutoff date will be listed in the table and grouped by trading partner.
  4. Use the Expand and Collapse All buttons to quickly show or hide the orders for each trading partner.
  5. Click Override Order # to the selected order with a different number than the one listed.
  6. Enter the New Order Number.
  7. Click Okay use the new number.
  8. Click Preview Invoice Export File for Selected Trading Partner to see a preview of what will be sent to the selected trading partner.
  9. Click Export Invoice file for Selected Trading Partner to send delivery confirmations for the orders listed under the selected trading partner.
    • Repeat for each trading partner requiring delivery confirmations.
Updated on March 13, 2019

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