The ILS plugin is used to transmit data from eoStar to the ILS (Integrated Logistics Solutions) system created by Manhattan Associates. eoStar uses a direct connection, setup through the Configure Database ILS Panel, to export shipment records, receipts, and item information to ILS. ILS then is used to make changes to the shipment records data which is then imported back into eoStar.

It added:


  • August 2011 – all orderlines are exported to ILS, including those that have an ordered quantity of <0 or =0, but no negative quantities.
  • March 2012 – All Bill and Hold orders are now order types that can be sent to ILS


Orders can be processed in three ways; to Vertique, bypass Vertique, and bypass all exports.

  • Most orders will be processed by Vertique – eoStar sends all order information to Vertique, which converts the orders into pallets. The orders are then sent from Vertique to ILS.
  • Orders with an Order Type checked as ‘This order type is used for hot-shot orders.’ will have the order information sent directly to ILS. ILS then uses this data and sends all completed picked order and ASN pallet information back to eoStar. Orders are then moved into the next Order Tracker queue.
  • Orders with an Order Type checked as ‘This order type is used for price adjustments.’ will not export to ILS or Vertique.


eoStar sends all received ASNs and purchases waiting for receipts to ILS. ILS then processes these purchases and (upon receiving them) sends data back to eoStar. EoStar then moves the purchases to the “Waiting for Supplier” queue of the Purchase Tracker.

Inventory Adjustments

eoStar sends strip transfer data for trucks to ILS. ILS makes adjustments to the inventory and performs cuts. It then sends inventory information back to eoStar which will perform count adjustments or inventory write-offs as needed.

Updated on November 12, 2018

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