Import EDI Documents

This screen is used to manually import EDI 820, 850, and 864 documents. Imported documents must then be posted to eoStar using the Payment Tracker and EDI Purchase Tracker respectively.

Feature Information

  • Functional Area: Administration
  • Roles Impacted: AR Team
  • Platform: eoStar Backend
  • Plugins: EDI Plugin


Plugins Panel

This setting controls if a user can access the Import EDI Documents screen. For more information see: Plugins Panel

Records > Employee > Records > Plugins Panel

  • EDI > Import 

How to Import EDI Documents

  1. Go to EDI > Import EDI Documents.
  2. Click Change to select the Import Folder where the EDI documents are located.

    Even if there are other EDI documents in the folder, the task will identify the 820/850/864 documents and import them.

  3. Click Get FTNI 820s via SFTP to pull in payments made through FTNI to the Import Folder. (Added with the FTNI plugin)
  4. Click Change to select the Folder for 997 Functional Acknowledgements.
    • This is where to send the confirmation the documents were received.
  5. Click Import to load all 820/850/864 documents in the Import Folder into the EDI Payment and Purchase Trackers.
  6. Click Exit to close the window.

Import EDI Documents Video

Updated on March 12, 2019

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