ION Report – Merchandiser Activity

The Merchandiser Activity report displays the number of stops, work hours, mileage, and restock information for each employee/date combination. It also displays the work hours, geofencing, and restock information broken-down by customer for each employee/date combination.

Feature Information

  • Functional Area: Sales Support
  • Roles Impacted: Sales Manager
  • Platform: eoStar Backend
  • Plugins: ION Plugin


Plugins Panel

This permission controls if a user can access the Merchandiser Activity report. For more information see: Plugins Panel.

Records > Employees > Records > Plugins panel:

  • May Access Merchandiser Activity Report

Merchandiser Activity Report Options

The Merchandiser Activity does not have any special settings. However, there are a few pieces of information contained in the report that are worth highlighting.


Merchandiser mileage is tracked in two ways:

  1. The merchandiser is required to enter their odometer reading as they start and end their day.
  2. eoTouch Merchandiser tracks the GPS location of mobile device throughout the day and calculates the mileage covered.

This report includes the starting and ending odometer readings, the total mileage based on the odometer, and the GPS-calculated mileage. By comparing the Total Mileage and the GPS Mileage you can do a quick double-check to make sure merchandisers are accurately reporting their mileage.


For each retailer a merchandiser services, eoTouch Merchandiser checks to make sure the mobile device is within the acceptable range of the retailers GPS coordinates. These checks begin when the merchandiser taps Start Work at the retailer and continue in regular intervals until they tap End Work (Pause Work will temporarily stop the checks until Start Work is tapped again).

  • The Geofence Avg Dist reports the general range from the retailer’s GPS coordinates the merchandiser was over the course of servicing the retailer.
  • The Geofence % reports the percent of the checks that were within the acceptable range for that retailer.

By monitoring this information you can verify that the merchandiser was at the retailer for the entire duration of the time they reported working there.

Updated on July 29, 2022

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