Payment Import

The Payment Import provides a quick way to manually upload multiple payments in eoStar. Enter the payment details in a spreadsheet template, then use the EDI import to bring them into eoStar through the EDI Payment Tracker.

This is a great option for customers who pay invoices directly to your bank, but who don’t have an EDI agreement set up to automatically bring the payment information into eoStar.

Feature Information

  • Functional Area: Finance
  • Roles Impacted: AR Clerk
  • Platform: eoStar Backend
  • Plugins: EDI Plugin


Payment Import Trading Partner

Every import through the EDI process requires a Trading Partner. You can assign a trading partner directly to each customer, but you also need a fallback option the Payment Import can use for customers without a trading partner assigned.

The Payment Import fallback partner is assigned on the EDI Panel in Database Configuration.

  • Template Import Trading Partner

When importing payments:

  1. eoStar will first check if the customer making the payment is assigned to a trading partner.
    1. If they are, the assigned trading partner will be used.
  2. If not, the Template Import Trading Partner will be used.

Payment Import Template

To successfully import payments into eoStar, you must enter the payment details in a specific template. You can download the template here: Payment Import Template

  • After you enter the payment details, make sure you save the template as a CSV file for the import to work.
Template Fields

Here are the fields in the template and what information goes in them:

  1. Deposit Date – This is the date the payment was deposited in the bank. (Required)
    • Enter the date in MMddyyyy format.
  2. Invoice Number – This is the eoStar order number the payment is for. (Required)
  3. Payment Amount – This is the amount the customer paid. (Required)
    • Always include two decimal places.
  4. Payment Type – This is how the payment was made. (Required)
    • Enter the type exactly as you see it here.
    • The available options are:
      • Check
      • ACH
      • Cash
      • Coupon
      • Voucher
  5. Check Num – If the payment was made via Check, the Check Number must be entered here. (Required for the Check Payment Type)
  6. Customer Number – This is the RecKey for the customer who made the payment. (Optional)
    • The import will first look up the customer based on the Invoice Number, then if the customer cannot be found it will use the RecKey entered here.

Importing Payments

Once you have the payments entered in the template and saved as a CSV file, you can import them into eoStar and process them through the EDI Payment Tracker.

Manual ImportScheduled Import

If you need the payments imported immediately, you can bring them in manually using the EDI Import interface.

  • You will need to place the CSV file with your payment information in the Import Folder location specified in the interface.

If you can wait a little while for the payments to be imported, placing the CSV file in the Import Folder for the EDI Import Scheduled Task will run it through the normal, automated EDI import process.

Updated on October 26, 2022

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