Release Notes

Each release contains new features, enhancements to existing features, quality-of-life improvements, and bug fixes. All the items included in a given release are listed in the Release Notes, which are broken down by Platform and then Category. Additionally, major releases include Application Notes, which provide context and outline benefits of the highlighted features, enhancements, and updates to provide users with a more comprehensive understanding of their value.

The release notes for latest major version of each eoStar application are provided below. The eoStar Release includes eoStar, other Windows and Android apps, and any Web Services or APIs. Our iOS apps follow an alternate pipeline for publishing to the Apple store and may not follow the same timing or version numbers as eoStar Releases, so release notes for those apps have been separated into their own sections and archives.

To see release notes for older versions, go to the corresponding archive page:

eoStar v22.7.11 – July 2022

This release includes features that streamlines the e-commerce user experience in eoMarket, enhances cost calculations with FIFO, and supports 3rd party WCS and layer picking systems. Download the Application Notes to learn about the value these features provide, and how they can help advance your organization.





  •  48749 - Updated eoStar to allow using OAuth2 authentication for sending emails through Office 365.



  • 49402 - Fixed a Google Maps error that could occur when closing eoStar after using Delivery Dispatch.


  • 47086 - Fixed the Medius Flow import to handle a broader range of formats for discrepancies without erroring.


  • 49014 - Fixed the Transfer Tracker to prevent date and time discrepancies that could keep a transfer from being received.




  • 48510 - Fixed FIFO Costing to correctly recompute costs for warehouses set to be treated as another warehouse.


  • 49016 - Fixed the FIFO Recompute scheduled task to have a longer time period before it times out.


  • 43066 - Fixed a display issue with the Layer Hand Off Location selector on the Pick Settings panel of Warehouse Records.


  • 48353 - Fixed a bug where an error was incorrectly showing when changing discounts in Pricing correction.



AB Mobility

  • 49133 - Updated the AB/VIP API to send warnings to the handheld when a product at a retail location is at risk of expiration. The first warning is sent 30 days before expiration and a second warning is sent 15 days before expiration.





  • 48826 - Updated the file path for logs in the coke block chain processor

Daily Route Settlement

  • 48973 - Fixed DRS Prior Reconciliation reports to prevent a crash.


  • 48664 - Fixed the For Truck recap popup in Daily Route Settlement to be re-sizable so all columns are visible.


  • 48395 - Fixed Commit Order and Generate Transfers to prevent discount only lines generated for Coke Promo Subcategories from duplicating order quantities.


  • 47824 - Fixed Refresh Map View to prevent a crash when its used on a screen with no map present.


  • 48663 - Fixed a display issue in Dynamic Scheduling for merchandisers where assigning an additional merchandiser to visit a customer could display the newly assigned employee on the first visit row, bumping other employee(s) down a row.


Upgrade Requirements

  • 48474 - When upgrading eoStar to, the following Apps and Services must be upgraded at the same time:
    • eoNetservice
    • eoStar Scheduler
    • Cash Machine API
    • eoMarket API
    • AB/VIP API
    • Partner Data API
    • MyCoke API
    • eoWarehouse

      All other Apps and Services can be upgraded if desired, but their most recent prior version is compatible with eoStar





  • 46143 - Added FIFO Fallback Costs that will be used in the event the FIFO cost is not yet available. Utilizing fallback costs ensures transactions have a reasonable cost associated even if the FIFO cost is not yet available, keeping your ledgers in a more accurate state.
  • 47930 - Updated FIFO cost calculations to improve performance as well as accuracy.
  • 46142 - Updated FIFO Breakage Warehouses to automatically handle all transactions (except Transfers In and Out, Write-offs, and Repacks) as if they occurred in the actual warehouse.
  • 46141 - Updated FIFO Negative Layers to create a new negative layer when a product's FIFO layers are over-consumed and replenish negative layers as new layers are created from received purchases.


  • 47002 - Updated the FTNI integration to include NSF Fees so they can be paid through FTNI.

My Coke

  • 47016 - Added Level 3 data support for Paymetric, which will lower processing costs across all distributors using Paymetric.


  • 45706 - Added an integration with the Savanna.NET warehouse execution system, an automated series of picking and palletizing equipment used to quickly and efficiently process high-volume products. The Savanna.NET system integrates with eoStar's existing picking workflows, including electronic, voice, layer, and zone picking.


  • 47018 - Added the ability to import items to Promotion sections using a CSV file.


  • 47164 - Added the ability to have Shiraz and layer picking happen simultaneously.


Accounts Payable

  • 47208 - Fixed the FOB calculation in AP Bill Entry to calculate correctly.

Accounts Receivable

  • 43995 - Fixed the Payment Follow-up screen to pull in the customer's primary contact.


  • 46046 - Fixed the Coke Matrix Report Scheduled Task to only generate reports when an up-to-date ION Cache exists and otherwise log that it can't run, preventing empty reports from being exported.
  • 41269 - Fixed the Coke Control Matrix Report export to automatically populate the From date with Dec. 1st of the prior year when the export is run in January.

Cross Dock

  • 47669 - Fixed a potential crash when Generating Cross Dock Transfers.


  • 47069 - Fixed the "Create New Orders" button in the EDI Bulk Purchase Tracker to ignore additional clicks while the process is running, preventing a potential crash.
  • 45090 - Fixed the Amount field in the Swire/X12 EDI 850 Purchase Export to display each purchase's total amount.
  • 46393 - Fixed EDI 850 imports to use the customer's warehouse's Default Off-Day Delivery Driver when 850s are set to respect the ship date in the file and no driver is scheduled for the provided date. Also aligned the EDI Purchase Tracker and EDI Bulk Purchase Tracker to handle TotalWine 850 CSV file the same way.
  • 41509 - Fixed the Coke EDI 214 export to automatically use the Coke FTP settings and not require a local directory to be selected.
  • 34174 - Fixed the EDI Trading Partner's Vendor ID panel to highlight Erased companies.
  • 41961 - Fixed the Supplier ASN Tracker screen heading to say "Supplier ASN Tracker."
  • 47796 - Fixed a crash when accessing the ASN Export screen.


  • 36656 - Fixed Equipment Transfers to prevent a crash when no Equipment Model is assigned for initial customer placement.

General Ledger

  • 41816 - Fixed Billing Code hyperlinks in the GL Distribution Window to navigate to the corresponding Billing Code record, not Product records.

Hot Shots

  • 46212 - Fixed inventory levels for Hot Shot virtual locations after changing the order's ship quantity to zero.

ION Reports

  • 46762 - Fixed the Coke Customer Price Group field in ION Reports to prevent a data mis-match that could keep reports from generating.
  • 45660 - Fixed ION Reports to hide the "Show Subcategory Breakdown" setting for non-Coke databases.

My Coke

  • 45688 - Added a Scheduled Task to automate trimming the MyCoke Product Change Log table to the desired number of months, ensuring the table remains at a reasonable size.


  • 47210 - Fixed OTC Orders to prevent virtual Move Stock transactions from occurring when adding note(s) to an OTC Order.


  • 47916 - Fixed the Pallet Labels [ASN] interface to include orders that are entirely cross-docked by adding a "Cross-Dock Warehouse" field, loading pallets by order number instead of warehouse number, and adding a pop-up to prevent loading items from different source warehouses on the same pallet.

Print Documents

  • 45687 - Fixed the Order Tracker to print invoice batches in delivery order, even when some customers have an invoice format override in place.


  • 36432 - Fixed the shortcut name for Retail Planogram records in the Goto list.
  • 46993 - Fixed the Edit Payment Terms interface on the Customer Record's Terms panel so terms can be removed without receiving an error and clicking "Clear" empties the entire row.
  • 47358 - Fixed the shortcut name for WMS Location records in the Goto list.
  • 44736 - Fixed the Change RecKeys tool to include existing RecKeys containing special characters and allow new RecKeys to use special characters.
  • 40908 - Fixed the text on the Date Code panel of Brand, Product, and Supplier records to correctly refer users to the other locations the date code values can be set.

SQL Reports

  • 42487 - Fixed the Standard Date field on SQL Report Records so it is usable immediately.


  • 45938 - Fixed the Transfer Tracker to use the date and time from the eoStar database's server instead of the user's local machine to prevent conflicts when moving transfers through the tracker.


  • 35084 - Fixed the Over/Short highlighting in the Vending Cash Room to highlight Over amounts in Green and Short amounts in Red.



AB Mobility

  • 46985 - VIP API now sends driver information in the API (for future use in VIP client app)
  • 48093 - Fixed the AB/VIP API to prevent the Routebook from including incorrect item information.
  • 47967 - Fixed a crash in the AB/VIP API that could occur when retrieving open orders by Order ID instead of Account Number.
  • 47782 - Fixed a crash in the AB/VIP API that could occur when validating orders.
  • 48235 - Fixed the AB/VIP API to include the email address with employee information.
  • 48519 - Fixed a performance issue in the AB/VIP API when calling the GetAccounts endpoint.
  • 48436 - Changed logic in the AB VIP API order validate endpoint to properly compute inventory quantity




  • 47005 - Added partial word/phrase matching to searches in eoMarket.



  • 46704 - Fixed an error in eoMarket that would appear if the customer was assigned to a Promotion with no active sections.




  • 44710 - Fixed purchases received in eoMobile to place updates to the received amount in the default Receiving location, not the "Unfinished Purchase Receipts" virtual location.




  • 47093 - Fixed eoPick's Full Pallet Picking to accept any WMS pallet of the requested product that is scanned, not just the suggested pallet. Also fixed how location names are displayed on the Change Location menu and the Underload Pickup screen to ignore scanned pallet IDs.
  • 47966 - Fixed eoPick to turn off the pallet position LEDs in Raymond pallet jacks in between locations.

eoTouch v22.2.3 – February 2022

This release includes features that streamline your order execution and enhance your operational efficiency. Download the Application Notes to learn about the value these features provide, and how they can help advance your organization.



  • 47496, 48275, 48607 - Added Firebase Crashlytics to eoTouch. Crashlytics is a logging tool that provides detailed information on the timeline of actions taken during a working session in eoTouch. Collecting this information will help eoStar engineers identify and fix the root cause of bugs more quickly.
  • 47395 - Fixed a crash in eoTouch Presell that could occur when rapidly tapping the keyboard arrow keys in a Walkaround.
  • 48571 - Fixed a memory leak in eoTouch that could cause a crash.


  • 48151 - Fixed eoTouch Presell performance issues during Walkarounds.


  • 44943 - Fixed eoTouch to prevent a blank screen when opening the check scanning camera in landscape mode.
  • 47141 - Fixed eoTouch Presell to switch between walkaround locations without crashing on iPad devices.


Date Codes

  • 32443 - Improved Date Code Entry in eoTouch Presell and Delivery to prompt users to use the regular iOS keyboard for products assigned a non-numeric date code format.
  • 43329 - Updated eoTouch Presell to use iOS keyboard for Retail Date Code entry in a Walkaround.
  • 43915 - When entering date codes in eoTouch, entering an invalid date code will pop-up an alert about the input error.
  • 43331 - In eoTouch, Retail Date Codes with a 3-letter month now also recognize 2-number month inputs, reducing the need to switch back-and-forth between the numeric and alpha keyboards.

Layer Rounding

  • 42611 - Updated eoNetservice with the new Layer Rounding logic.
  • 42612 - Updated the Layer Rounding configuration to support per-warehouse, per-item minimum quantity overrides and excluding specific items.
  • 42610 - Updated UI for the eoTouch Layer Rounding screen.


  • 41058 - Enhanced Order Requests to allow creating and editing requests for multiple products and customers at once, added request priorities that control which salesperson actions are option or required, and provided an option to schedule when a request appears to the salesperson.
  • 43700 - Improved the layout of eoTouch's order entry keyboards.
  • 43658 - Improved the performance of non-walkaround order entry in eoTouch Presell.



  • 40847 - Fixed eoTouch to prevent syncing an empty Liquor License Expiration Date. Clearing an existing expiration date and tapping Done will revert the expiration date to the previous value.

Date Codes

  • 42332 - Fixed the keyboard in eoTouch Presell to be more responsive when entering date codes.
  • 43707 - Fixed eoTouch Presell to display the correct keyboard when entering date codes for new pickups
  • 43335 - Fixed the "DDMY" date code format to correctly parse single-digit days
  • 43416 - When entering date codes in eoTouch Presell, the app will only allow the user to enter text that matches the configured date code format for each product. The fallback format (MMddyyyy) will only be used for products without a configured date code format.


  • 43582 - Fixed an issue with eoTouch Delivery where changing order quantities on one order did not update promo pricing for other orders in the same delivery stop.
  • 43583 - Fixed an issue with eoTouch Delivery where promo discounts for multiple orders in the same delivery stop were not included correctly.
  • 43584 - Fixed an issue with eoTouch Delivery where promo discounts were not removed from one order when another order in the same delivery stop was voided.

Layer Rounding

  • 43059 - Fixed the eoTouch Presell Layer Rounding screen to auto-select items for rounding regardless of it they have discount-only order lines.
  • 43281 - Fixed a crash in eoTouch Presell when selecting/deselecting products in Layer Rounding.
  • 43089 - Fixed an issue with eoTouch Delivery where editing an order could cause package-fill layer-rounding to incorrectly add product to an order as it was being delivered.


  • 43719 - Fixed eoTouch Presell to prevent a potential crash when entering orders.
  • 45509 - Fixed eoTouch to always use the numeric keyboard in order-entry screens instead of the iOS qwerty keyboard.


  • 45278 - Fixed the eoTouch status bar to no longer appear black when not scrolling.
  • 46453 - Fixed eoTouch to run on devices using iOS versions older than iOS 13.
  • 38557 - Resolved an issue with eoTouch where the keyboard could take up too much space on an iPhone oriented in landscape mode.


  • 42447 - Fixed an issue with POS Items in eoTouch Presell where the quantity available was incorrect. eoTouch now uses the warehouse's on-hand and committed quantities instead of sellable quantities to determine availability of POS Items.

Print Documents

  • 43961 - Fixed the One Stop Recap Report in eoTouch Delivery by removing outstanding charges and applied credits that are not involved with the current order.

Quick Entry

  • 43562 - Fixed an issue with eoTouch where using Quick Entry multiple times in a row could cause the app to close.


  • 43391 - Fixed a crash in eoTouch that could occur during Mobile Check Scanning on iPad devices.


  • 45702 - Fixed eoTouch Vending to prevent crashing when using the up and/or down arrows rapidly.
  • 38173 - Resolved an issue with eoTouch Vending where tapping an empty area on the product entry keyboard would select what was directly under the keyboard.
  • 38792 - Resolved an issue with eoTouch Vending where the up/down arrow buttons on the keyboard could disappear.
  • 44444 - Fixed a bug with eoTouch Vending where users could not add items.
  • 45709 - Fixed a bug with eoTouch Vending where a "Quantities Required" error would prevent advancement when no quantities are actually required.


  • 45731 - Fixed arrow-key scrolling functionality in eoTouch when searching for items to add to an order.
  • 43514 - Fixed an issue with eoTouch Presell where the sales history grids in Walkarounds would sometimes be shorter than intended.
  • 43315 - Fixed eoTouch Presell to return an error message instead of crashing when an invalid item is added using the quick entry feature in walkarounds.

eoTouch Merchandiser v22.7.11 – July 2022

This release includes features that improve efficiency with eoTouch Merchandiser. Download the Application Notes to learn about the value these features provide, and how they can help advance your organization.



Location Lookup

  • 47015 - Added Geofencing to monitor where merchandiser's are located relative to the customer's physical location while they are recording work. Optionally, a merchandiser employee can also be required to be within a certain distance from the customer before they can Start Work in eoTouch Merchandiser. This location data has also been added to the Merchandiser Activity report in ION so supervisors can quickly review many employee's data at once.


  • 47009 - Added GPS mileage tracking to eoTouch Merchandiser for validating user-recorded mileage numbers. The recorded and GPS mileage are available as part of the Merchandiser Activity report in ION.


  • 46593 - Added Dynamic Scheduling for Merchandiser visits. Schedules are created in 1-week increments, can be set up in advance, and can be initially populated by copying a prior week.

eoTouch Warehouse v1.2 – April 2022

This release includes fixes that improve performance and streamline the user experience.



  • 48270 - Fixed eoTouch Warehouse to improve performance when scanning item barcodes in the Counts screen.


  • 43212 - Fixed eoTouch Warehouse to prevent a momentary loss of focus on the app that could require the user to re-enter their PIN.
  • 44635 - Fixed eoTouch Warehouse to record counts for more than 34 items.
  • 46735 - Fixed eoTouch Warehouse to save 4-digit counts.
  • 43483 - Fixed eoTouch Warehouse purchase creation to discard all entered information when discarding the purchase before saving.
  • 46957 - Fixed eoTouch Warehouse Purchases search to perform better on older devices.
  • 46785 - Fixed eoTouch Warehouse to hide the PO# field when no number is present while receiving purchases instead of displaying "null".
  • 43154 - Fixed eoTouch Warehouse to allow deselecting a Shipper, Plant, or PO Category during purchase entry.
  • 43482 - Fixed eoTouch Warehouse to allow editing a new purchase without a PO number.
  • 43479 - Fixed eoTouch Warehouse to allow scrolling when adding multiple date codes for a single item while receiving a purchase.
  • 43671 - Fixed eoTouch Warehouse to wrap long product names to multiple lines.
  • 44422 - Fixed eoTouch Warehouse to retain barcode scanning functionality after the app loses then regains focus.
  • 43480 - Fixed eoTouch Warehouse to remember what items were already marked as received when adding a new item to the transfer during the receiving process.
  • 46765 - Fixed the Received/Total items counter on the Receive Transfer screen in eoTouch Warehouse to only display the counts for the transfer currently being received.
  • 46834 - Fixed eoTouch Warehouse to prompt users to confirm the warehouse they are working in when the warehouse selected on the device is different than their assigned warehouse.

The following fix requires an update to the eoTouch Warehouse API service:

  • 45464 - Fixed eoTouch Warehouse to correctly display Pallet alt-packs while entering Counts.